How can I use ZXPLOT?

To use ZXPLOT, you have to first install the ZXPLOT on your computer.

The source code and the binary object libraries for most popular platforms can be obtained from anonymous FTP server at

An interactive installation script called INSTALL is included in the package. This script will compile and place the library package in a user designated directory and create compile and link scripts such as zxncarf77, zxpostf77, zxncarf90 and zxpostf90 inside subdirectory bin. You will be instructed by the script to add this bin directory into your shell command search path.

After the ZXPLOT is installed and the command search path set, the commands to compile and execute a user's plotting program prog.f are, assuming f77 is used:

zxncarf90 prog.f

for metafile output, and

zxpostf90 prog.f

for PostScript (trademark of Adobe Systems, Inc.) output. By default the output iis called The actual name of the compile and link scripts depends on the name of your fotran compiler that you provided when running INSTALL script.

Every user is strongly recommend to test out the installation by running one of the example programs in examples directory.

The NCAR graphics metafile output can be handled by tools (e.g. idt and ctrans) that come with the NCAR Graphics package. The PostScript output (default name is can be sent to a PostScript printer or viewed using PostScript viewers such as ghostview; (GNU software available on the internet).